Percutaneous Nephrolithonomy (PCNL)

In this procedure by small 1 cm incision in flank under anesthesia & under vision of nephroscope – any hard or big stone can be fragmented by pneumatic or Holmium laser Lithotripsy & removed. Usual operative time is 30 to 60 minutes & usually patient dose not requires blood transfusion. Patient needs 48 hrs. hospitalization & 1 or 2 days more rest then patient can resume his duty. Usually by procedure 99% of big renal stone can be treated successfully. We have successfully performed more than 10000 PCNL includes single, multiple, bilateral, staghorn & complicated renal stones.

Miniperk & UMP: We are pioneer in Miniperk – small diameter PCNL & UMP (Ultra miniperk). In these procedures, track diameters are very small - 5 mm. So very less chances of blood loss, less pain, early recovery & less hospitalization.